"Home Sweet Home" is Bark Box's Spring 2025 issue where the concept of family is explored.
The cover depicts a colorful row home illustration.
"Family Reimagined" is the introductory spread of this publication, laying the thematic framework for the project. This illustration features a Victorian style home with each room designated to a dog and their owner. These rooms serve as vignettes of their daily lives.
"The New Fur Baby Boom" is this publication's main story. This two-page spread illustration reimagines a family tree by integrating dogs alongside their respective owners. Each pair coordinates in color and physical characteristics. The central typographic element is hand lettered and entirely vectorized. 
The main story's second spread incorporates visual details from the previous spread.
"Home is Where the Treats Are" is a two-page spread that features a recipe for homemade dog treats. The visual elements of this spread are meant to evoke the feeling of  a cozy home kitchen.
The final spread of the publication, "Pawfluencers Love Bark Box," is a compilation of dog influencers' Bark Box picks. This spread's purpose is to introduce the reader to some of Bark Box's best selling products.
Digital flip book of Bark Box's Spring 2025 Home Sweet Home publication.
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